Our college signed a cooperation agreement with Mingzhou Southwestern State University    (2019-11-21 15:35:03)

    On November 19th, Dr. Kumara Jaysuriya, President of the Southwestern State University of Mingzhou, Dr. Will Thomas, Professor of Accounting, and the head of the Taiwan office of the school visited our school. Vice Dean Chen Weiping met with the guests and signed a cooperation agreement with Southwestern State University of the United States at the meeting.




    During the meeting, Deputy Dean Chen Weiping firstly welcomed the visit of President Kumara Jaysuriya on behalf of the College, and introduced the characteristics and achievements of our school's school history, academic advantages, scientific research, and internationalization work. The three goals of the standardized construction and development of the college, namely the three aspects of applied talent training, differentiation and internationalization. President Kumara Jaysuriya expressed his sincere gratitude to the hospitality of the hospital and expressed his high appreciation for the school's educational achievements, especially the international education work. He introduced the school history, overview, and subject characteristics of the Southwestern State University of the United States, and hope The talent training of the 2 + 2 and 3 + 1 double degree joint projects of the economic management major with our college. Finally, the two sides reached a consensus on mutual visits between teachers and students, and foreign teachers' short-term teaching in our college.




    During the visit, President Kumara Jaysuriya and his party also visited the Wisdom Classroom of our hospital and experienced the face-washing dining in the cafeteria.

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