Yan Xiaohong, President of Jiangsu University, gave a special lecture on admission education for 2019 freshmen    (2019-09-16 15:18:47)

On the afternoon of September 13, Professor Yan Xiaohong, the president of Jiangsu University, the chairman of our college, and the doctoral tutor, gave a special lecture entitled "Be the Qualified Constructor and Successor of the New Era" for the freshmen of 2019. Bring festival greetings and rich spiritual food. The leaders of all the colleges, the heads of relevant departments, the freshman tutors for 2019 and nearly a thousand freshman representatives participated in the event. The event was chaired by Dean Lu Zhengnan.






In the lecture, President Yan discussed from two aspects: "the new era gives young people a new mission" and "university is a new starting point of life". He hoped that the classmates will keep in mind the general secretary Xi Jinping's entrustment and read the requirements of the times from the three hundred years "1840-1945, 1921-2020, 1949-2050". In today's era, "the theme of the era is clear, the world is more polarized, the economy is becoming more global, and technology is becoming more intelligent." He encouraged his classmates to maintain a high career plan, stable goal pursuit, international vision and strong innovation. Creativity, keep mission in mind, and be a dream catcher in the new era. President Yan pointed out that there are three major changes and three major difficulties in entering the university. Everyone has become me, and everyone has changed. It is clear from what is learned to everything, and from being dedicated to doing well. Becoming a study is one of my daily tasks; at the same time, I will also face difficulties in studying for identity, professional and personal difficulties. Only by working hard can I break the situation. He hopes that students will smoothly change their thinking mode and use growth thinking To adapt to the new learning life, and constantly improve and surpass ourselves through unremitting efforts. He vividly told classmates how to spend four years in college with examples around him. At the end of the lecture, President Yan emphasized that the future is here, the future stage is bigger, the requirements are higher, and the mission is more glorious. He hopes that students will implement the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping, implement the "learning, seeking truth, and benevolence" school motto and grasp themselves. , Grasp the present, seize the opportunity, and be a qualified builder and successor in the new era.

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