Our delegation went to Wenzheng College of Suzhou University for investigation    (2019-06-06 14:56:51)

    Recently, Chen Weiping, deputy dean of our college, and Wu Liping, deputy secretary of the party committee and dean, led a team to Wenzheng College of Suzhou University to conduct research and exchanges on student work management, international school running and development conferences, and visited the teachers' results of the Wenzheng College of Suzhou University. Exhibition, International Exchange Center, Sanchuang College and School History Museum, Fan Zhongyan Historical Materials Exhibition Hall, Art Museum, etc.




    Mr. Shi Shengwei, Deputy Dean of S.W.C. Zhengzheng College, first of all extended a warm welcome to the delegation. She said that the two schools have always maintained good communication and close exchanges, and this survey will further deepen the understanding of both sides and promote the schooling and talent training of both sides. Especially through today's theme exchange, everyone will collide with more sparks. The image promotion video of Wenzheng College shown next gave our research team an intuitive and perceptual understanding of all aspects of Wenzheng College's work.


    Mr. Tang Fengzhen, Director (Director) of Wenzheng College International Cooperation and Exchange Office (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office) introduced Wenzheng's international exchange work in detail from the aspects of enrollment, mutual recognition of credits, and overseas training of teachers and students. To allow students to go abroad, they must also bring in foreign teachers, and maximize the participation of students in international exchanges through the establishment of scholarships and other systems to create a good atmosphere for international exchanges. "

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