The School Discipline Inspection Committee came to our hospital to supervise and guide the work of examination style and discipline    (2019-05-29 14:44:27)

    On the morning of May 24, Yang Zhichun, deputy secretary of the School Discipline Inspection Commission, and Li Zhihong, director of the Discipline Inspection Commission's office, went to our hospital to supervise and guide the construction of the examination style and discipline, and listened to work reports on the spot. Chen Zhigang, secretary of the Party Committee of the college, Zong Bojun, deputy dean, Wu Liping, deputy secretary and deputy, and relevant department heads attended the symposium.


    Deputy Dean Zong Bojun reported on the progress of the school's work style examination and discipline, the implementation of the existing system, the current general and outstanding problems reflected in the work style examination and discipline, and the next step of rectification measures. Deputy Secretary Wu Liping briefly reported on the work ideas. On the one hand, we will work together to form a joint force, and cooperate with the educational affairs department to implement the management system; on the other hand, we will implement the key implementation details, widely publicize before the exam, and take the inspection tour in place. Standard treatment after the test. Secretary Chen Zhigang said that Jingjiang College is an application-oriented teaching college with a large number of students and a wide range of examinations. Doing a good job of exams is related to teaching order and quality assurance, and it is related to teaching style and morality. Relevant to the fundamentals of talent training and teaching, therefore, it is necessary to further enhance awareness and standing, strengthen methods and measures, strengthen execution and long-term effectiveness, create a good education environment, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the college.


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