20th Anniversary Development Conference & Applied Talent Training Summit Forum was held in our college    (2019-11-27 15:22:39)

    "Jingjiang College of Jiangsu University is like a bright pearl, shining the glory of a century of culture." On October 26, our college hosted the 20th Anniversary Development Conference and Applied Talent Training Summit Forum on the new campus. Set sail, adhere to the fundamental task of Lide Shuren, and strive to write a new chapter in the construction of high-level application-oriented colleges. Hui Jianlin, Secretary of the Zhenjiang Municipal Party Committee, Sun Xiaonan, Member of the Standing Committee, Minister of Propaganda and United Front of Zhenjiang Municipal Committee, Yuan Shouqi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangsu University, Yan Xiaohong, President of Jiangsu University, Chairman of Jingjiang College of Jiangsu University, Yan Suihong, Member of the Standing Committee of Nanjing University, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jinling College of Nanjing University Leaders were invited to attend, guests from brother institutions, guests from international cooperation universities, guests from internship bases, school-enterprise cooperation units, media guests, leaders of various functional departments of Jiangsu University, secondary colleges, representatives of our alumni, all teachers and students Gathered together. Chen Zhigang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy, introduced the leaders and guests attending the conference. The conference officially opened in the solemn national anthem.





    Zhenjiang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Hui Jianlin said in his speech that Jiangsu University is Zhenjiang's city business card and a valuable resource for development. For a long time, Zhenjiang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have attached great importance to and firmly supported the development of Jiangsu University. They have made concerted efforts in various aspects such as integration of production and education, graduates staying in town, and school site layout, and have made good progress together. He said that since its establishment 20 years ago, the college has grown up with Zhenjiang, is committed to improving the quality of education and teaching, discipline construction, talent training, and school-enterprise cooperation, and has established long-term cooperative relationships with more than 200 enterprises in the town, for the development and strengthening of higher education. Fumei High-tech Zhenjiang Construction has made positive contributions. He hoped that the college will take the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the college as a new starting point, adhere to the ethics, adhere to the promotion of the overall development of students, adhere to the deepening of education reform and innovation, more actively integrate into Zhenjiang, take root in Zhenjiang, and identify the school construction and Zhenjiang development. The meeting point is to speed up the construction of high-level application universities, create more characteristic disciplines, cultivate more high-level and high-quality application-oriented talents, and provide strong support for the high-quality development of Zhenjiang.


    In the welcome speech, Yan Xiaohong, President of the University of Jiangsu and President of the College, stated that as one of the first batch of "public and private secondary colleges" in the country, the college has been relying on the parent Jiangsu University for 20 years. People-oriented, quality-oriented colleges, distinguished colleges and universities, actively improve the conditions for running schools, continue to promote education and teaching reform, and constantly improve the personnel training system, and strive to cultivate solid basic theory, optimized knowledge structure, outstanding practical ability, moral, intellectual, physical, The comprehensive development of the United States and the United States, with good professional ethics, social responsibility and innovative spirit of innovative, compound, and application-oriented talents, has successively sent more than 32,000 high-quality application-oriented talents to the society, gradually becoming regional and industry-field application-oriented talents. The "cradle" of talent. He hoped that the college will take the 20th anniversary of the school as a new starting point, and continue to pursue the dream of running a high-level, distinctive and international application-oriented university toward the original intention of running a people-satisfied education. Greater splendor!


    Dean Lu Zhengnan said in the 20th anniversary development report that Jingjiang people have gone through a road of development, road of exploration, road of innovation from scratch, from small to large, from small to large. The conditions for running schools are becoming more and more perfect, and the running mechanism is becoming more and more complete. The school adheres to the character of people, pursues excellence, and adheres to the "application, differentiation, and internationalization" of talent cultivation. It has formed the core of application-oriented talent cultivation, and focused on the construction of differentiated disciplines and students and the cultivation of differentiated students. The "121" talent training model featuring international exchange and cooperation training has cultivated a group of students who have firm ideals and convictions, are willing to take responsibility, are willing to dedicate, and are truly talented learners. He said that in the future, the college will further adhere to the original intention of education, build a future campus, and serve the practice of educating people; further deepen transformation and innovation, serve local development, and work together for a win-win future; further expand the opening up of education, integrate the culture of the four seas, and cultivate new people of the times; further improve education Connotation of people, strengthen the characteristics and advantages, and strengthen the school brand.


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