Vice-Chancellor Chen Hong and other school leaders inspected the teaching situation on the first day    (2019-08-26 15:16:19)

    On August 26th, the first day of the new semester in our school, at 7.50 am, Vice President Chen Hong of Jiangsu University accompanied by Chen Zhigang, Secretary of the Party Committee of our college, and the heads of related departments, went deep into the teaching building of the department to inspect students Classes, teacher lectures and operation of teaching equipment. At 8:20 in the morning, Lu Zhengnan, dean of our college, Chen Weiping, deputy dean, Wu Liping, deputy secretary of the party committee and deputy dean, and the heads of relevant departments inspected the teaching situation of the new campus.



    Judging from the inspection, the students entered the classroom on time, listened carefully, and the teachers were full of energy and prepared. The teaching equipment runs well, the teaching environment is clean and tidy, the teaching work runs smoothly, the teaching facilities are in place, and the teaching situation is orderly. Vice-Chancellor Chen Hong fully affirmed the systematic preparation of teaching and the positive mental outlook of teachers and students.


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