Our college signed a cooperation agreement with the Italian Education Center    (2019-07-03 15:12:04)

    Recently, Ms. Lin Hui, the person in charge of the Education Center of the Italian Consulate General in Shanghai, and Mr. Yan Kejun, the head of the China-Italy Innovation School of Nanjing University of Science and Technology, visited our school and signed a cooperation agreement with our school. Dean Lu Zhengnan of our hospital met with the guests, and Vice President Chen Weiping attended the meeting.




    At the meeting, Dean Lu introduced the cooperative school running mode between the college and foreign universities, and asked in detail about the specific forms of running schools such as Italian elective courses, the establishment of Italian language and cultural centers, and teachers' exchange and learning in Italy. Based on the Landor Plan, a language training point is set up in our college to provide a more favorable language environment for students who are willing to study in Italy.




    The China Office of the Italian Education Center Association was established in 2008, with three offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. With the deepening of cooperation between China and Italy in all aspects, the Association of Education Centers has specially opened the "Marco Polo and Turandot Project" for Chinese students, and has paid great attention to these two projects. The most prestigious universities (Milan, Bologna, Turin, Genoa, and Rome) have established China-Italy Education Center windows to help Chinese students. In addition, organize cultural and language exchange activities between Chinese and Italian students to help Chinese students integrate into the entire environment.


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